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Before we left, we tried to understand the term susegad. From a variety of travel guides and internet resources, we gleaned the following :

Susegad, is a way of life in Goa. It’s roots lie in the portugese word socegado which – loosely transalated – means ‘laid back’. A less charitable reviewer even called it ‘indolent’.

What is true however, is that the pace of life in Goa is slower, much slower than anything I’ve ever experienced.

04 September in our Calendar


In our quest to have a ‘real beach holiday’ we scouted around for a quiet, non-touristy beach. We finally hit the jackpot in South Goa near Palolem where we found a piece of unspoiled coast. For as far as the eye could see, we were the only ones on the beach. Four days with no cellphone access was a completely new experience for me. I’d never been so ‘out of touch’.

Most shops open only at 10.30, only to promptly close again at 12 for ‘breaking time’. At breakfast one day we ordered something called a ‘transcendental juice’ only to be told that the cook hadn’t managed to go shopping that day. Something that would’ve elicited some frowns anywhere else, seems perfectly reasonable in Goa.

One afternoon we went shopping in Palolem and I sighted a pair of bamboo slippers that I wanted to buy. When I asked the shopkeeper if I could try them on, he said (with a smile) “er.. No Ma’am, I have only one pair..”.

I don’t think I have an accurate definition for what susegad is, but considering how happy everyone seems – I think they may have hit upon a good thing!

20 Went to Goa, Got High

On the whole, it was four days of lying on the beach, getting sun, napping all afternoon, staying up till 2 am talking, reading on the deck and lazing around. On our last day we finally roused ourselves to go to a more commercial beach and managed to jetski, parasail, and fall off a contraption called a ‘ringo’ boat into the deep blue sea.

I can’t wait to go back!

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