Mushroom faux-gras

A creamy, yet crumbly, jelly… perfect for slicing and spreading on truffled baguettes, crispbreads (or Ryvita thins in a pinch) or just on hot buttered toast for the after-party.

Favourites List: Myths, Lies and Quackery

On the new neuro-myths, why you don’t really use only 10% of your brain, mistrusting scientists, and why it takes so much longer than recipe writers indicate to caramelise onions.

Favourites List: On Love

Of romance, brain chemistry, heartbreak, and undying adoration: advice from scientists and writers on love.

Monsanto vs Vandana Shiva, the New Yorker edition

I didn’t actually read Michael Specter’s profile of Vandana Shiva until I saw the rebuttal she had posted on her own blog. Now, Ms Shiva is no stranger to scathing criticism, as in this article which alleges that she is “unbalanced (in both senses of the word)”. Of course, given…

Italian Ways by Tim Parks, and a bonus reading list

I bought this book based on a recommendation, and a whim. An early morning breakfast with a friend, followed by a few hours at bookstores, and I conveniently forgot the many, many books on my nightstand and splurged on it; and finished it in a day and a half.