A Whale of a Time!

Over long travels far and wide, I have come to the great realization that I am a city person. I love the huge metropoli, with their sky-high real estate prices and crowded streets.

Ever so often… usually when I’m stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon, I claim that I want to run away to a more pleasant environs. Where there are rolling meadows and clear air and clean water and… well… pretty much nothing else.

About 20 minutes into ‘sitting quietly and contemplating nature’ and I want to run to a coffee shop, take in a movie and shop at my neighbourhood grocery for everything from instant rava dosa mix to olives stuffed with pimientos.

As I said, I’m a city girl.

But on a recent excursion into more pristine environs, I had the luck to catch some of mother nature’s truly outstanding creations.


Picture taken by Appa during Whale watching trip in Junea, Alaska. May-Jun 2007

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