While I sit here..

While I sit here eating bagels with cream cheese and drinking coffee too fast, it is 6.30pm somewhere in the world. Someone, somewhere is playing hip-hop loudly while getting dressed for a third date. Someone is tumbling out of bed with a crick in their neck and promising to restart yoga from tomorrow. Someone is wrapping up six peanut butter sandwiches, four with jelly and two without, and putting them into paper bags for the kids’ post-football snack. Someone is trying to log on to skype and is hoping that hovering over the “Forgot password” link will help them remember it. Someone is uploading a picture of themselves with someone else on Facebook and hoping that someone else entirely will see it as evidence of having moved on. Someone is checking their wallet to make sure they have enough cash because she always forgets to carry some. Someone is falling in love with old jazz and is wondering if that makes them ‘pretentious’. Someone is drawing up a to-do list of weekend projects, starting with taking out the recycling. Someone is getting a tattoo. Someone is setting themselves a reminder to call the dentist tomorrow. Someone is wondering if it’s too soon to text. Someone is giggling while someone else is calling for another carafe of the house white, please. Someone is checking out someone else’s Facebook pictures and wondering if that’s who he’s dating now. Someone is jumping into the pool hoping to clear their head before the conference call. Someone is holding hands tentatively with someone else. Someone is falling out of love at the sight of another gray sock strewn across the floor. Someone is tip toeing around the kitchen, trying to make a midnight snack without waking anyone else up. Someone is bashfully admitting that they have two left feet but is dancing anyway. Someone is smiling and making a memory that they will remember with nostalgia, while eating bagels and drinking coffee too fast, many mornings from now.


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