Italian Ways by Tim Parks, and a bonus reading list

I bought this book based on a recommendation, and a whim. An early morning breakfast with a friend, followed by a few hours at bookstores, and I conveniently forgot the many, many books on my nightstand and splurged on it; and finished it in a day and a half.

Sam’s Story by Elmo Jayawardena

Earlier this month, Bob Herbert wrote in the New York Times about the price of war, and why it continues to be easy to wage The reason it is so easy for the U.S. to declare wars, and to continue fighting year after year after year, is because so few…

Once Again to Zelda by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Just finished reading this rather cute collection, which traces the stories behind some of the dedications in books. As the author says, some of these back stories are as, if not more, interesting than the works themselves. It tells tales of love, intrigue, lust, failure, heartbreak and the search for…