Favourites List : July 10th Edition

Some cool advertisements, one very interesting model project, reasons to visit Germany (like you needed any!) and an awkwardly hilarious interview with Mila Kunis. Plus, check out the redesigned blog + new URL (

Favourites List : Media innovation

When was the last time you picked up a newspaper? Actually, strike that. That’s so 2009 isn’t it? Apart from bankers (with the FT) and hipsters (with the Observer on Sundays) no one even reads newspapers any more. When was the last time you went to the homepage of a…

Favourites list : Jill Abramson edition

Spoiler alert: there is absolutely no election-related coverage here. None. Promise. On Wednesday night we heard that Jill Abramson had been forced out at the NYTimes. No one directly involved is talking (there is speculation that Ms Abramson’s silence was a condition of her settlement), but rumours abound that it…

Are elections bad for the rupee?

In a short post over at the Economist’s Banyan blog, I try to evaluate the relationship between the rupee and India’s electoral cycle.

New Zealand Economic View

On BBC’s World Business Report (10 Mar 2011), discussing the rate cut announced by the RBNZ, and New Zealand’s prospects following last month’s earthquake.

Revolutionizing Renewable Energy and Fashion

I went to the Earth Awards last week, and got to see some innovative ‘green’ solutions.. And, got to blog about it at the paper.. David Wendell wants to revolutionize renewable energy by taking a page out of nature’s book, and improving it. His new technology captures carbon and transforms…