Main dishes

Spinach & Feta Filo Pie

Spinach & Feta Filo Pie

I love the gooey, cheesy filling of this pie almost as much as the crunch from the Filo crust. It comes together fairly quickly, and uses only one (ovenproof) pan, making it a perfect weeknight meal. This is inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe where he whips up a four-course…

DIY dinner : Vietnamese Paper Rolls

Vietnamese rice paper has to be one of my favourite “containers” for food. It’s a bit fiddly to work with initially, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a wrap 😉 The basics are just this: some veggies, preferably with crunch; protein; a paste, to brush on the…

Lentil & Chickpea “Burgers”

These “burgers” are chock full of lentils and chickpeas, and they’re baked, making them super healthy. When making vegetarian burgers, I skip the bun entirely – otherwise it quickly becomes too stodgy to eat. Adapted from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking. If you don’t already, you must follow her blog, 101…

Fish cakes

Beating Monday night blues

Inspired by Jamie Oliver I tried making salmon fish cakes and purple slaw. Added some chilli and mustard to the fish cake mix to give it more flavour. All in all, a Monday night well spent!