Favourites list : First-class seats & Masala Dosa

I enjoyed this article on how the king of masala dosas got away with murder. I haven’t actually eaten at a Saravana Bhavan in a long, long time though. The food isn’t really all that great, and every city I’ve been in has far better options for authentic South Indian…

Chennai Calling..

A guest post by my sister, on coming home.. Coming back to this city always delights me. I revel in the familiarity that home brings; the comfort of amma’s food, the constant churn of people in the house, the amazing ability to imbibe copious amounts of cardamom laced tea. Even…

A Very Warm Day

It was a very warm day. Too early for summer. She dreaded what summer would be like. Already the cooler was running, the fan was on 5 and she felt hot and uncomfortable. The room smelled of dust. Dust everywhere. In the crevices of the keyboard, on top of everything….