Favourites List : Hay-on-Wye edition

I spent the previous weekend at the beautiful town of Hay-on-Wye attending the annual Hay Festival. Despite the mud (and it was everywhere!), it was a fabulous weekend filled with books, interesting discussions, and an intimate mini-concert by Sandi Thom that we stumbled into almost by accident.

Are elections bad for the rupee?

In a short post over at the Economist’s Banyan blog, I try to evaluate the relationship between the rupee and India’s electoral cycle.

A rupee reading list

Ajay Shah, one of my favourite writers on the subject of the Indian economy, has a column in the Economics Times this week on why the Ministry of Finance needs to be reformed. His blog post on the subject was a lot more trenchant and expansive, but sadly has since…

A Sisyphean Task

At the time of writing this post the Indian rupee has lost 17% of its value against the US dollar since early May, while the Nifty has dropped by around 14%. The RBI and the government have undertaken a series of mostly short-term measures to curb the rupee’s fall, from…

A great relationship?

Some notes on David Cameron’s visit to India and the Anglo-Indian bilateral relationship in the Huffington Post. Last week the UK prime minister, David Cameron, was in India making a strong pitch for bilateral trade, talking of the potential for a “great relationship” to be formed between the two countries….

Whither Pakistan

2013 promises to be a year of big transitions in Pakistan, including a historic change of guard in the civilian government, and the retirements of General Kayani and the CJ, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. The World Tonight on Radio 4 aired a special on Wednesday that highlighted some interesting differences of…

New Zealand Economic View

On BBC’s World Business Report (10 Mar 2011), discussing the rate cut announced by the RBNZ, and New Zealand’s prospects following last month’s earthquake.