Time ‘n Tide

This weekend as the clocks went back, I gained an hour. A precious gift on a chilly Sunday morning with two 1 AMs

Instead of going back the entire hour at one go, like the rest of England and Europe (Yes, as someone who had to fill countless forms, shell out a 100 quid and jump through hoops to get a visa to Europe despite living in London (or is it because of), I still think they’re two very seperate entities), I savoured and spent this hour throughout the day.

In the morning when I woke up, and wanted to snooze a li’l while longer – I gave myself twenty more minutes of Sunday morning under the covers – a very guilt free snooze unlike Monday or Tuesday morning snoozes where you know that the later you get up, the more emails you’ll have to deal with in one go.

In the afternoon when I met girlfriends for lunch, I gave myself an extra half hour of conversation, laughs and gossip before I had to leave.

And this morning, when I ran into work suffering from Monday morning blues, I stopped at a Starbucks, bought myself a caramel coffee with cinnamon, and gave myself ten extra minutes to savour it before getting to the rest of the day.

Now, I’m tempted to go forward every Friday evening, and give myself an extra hour all weekend!

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  • Hey Sujatha,

    I’ve been reading your blogs for quite a while now.. Just wanted to let you know, I am one of your biggest fans..
    I must confess I didn’t read your blogs since April 2006. Just got reminded about it cos, I visited Oz again. Atleast, one good thing that happend to me in Melbourne :).
    Trying to catch up with a lot of the blogs now.. Having a tough time trying to catch up.

    I dunno if I am allowed to talk a lot. But wanted to say, ‘I had a hell of a travel’. Know what? My flight gor delayed by 10 hrs back at home. Missed my connection flight. Since it was the same airlines they apologised and said we can board the next flight.

    My luck tried a new game on me. My tickets were downgraded to Economy for the lack of seats. The seven hour flight from there was ‘never to have again’ kind of a stuff.

    Hmm.. if you read this, thanks for reading.. If ever I get a chance to meet you, I will need your autograph.. 🙂

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