Styling the bookshelves

Although we live in the era of e-books (and I have a fairly sizeable Kindle collection) both the husband and I love our books. When we originally signed the lease on our apartment, we had a vague notion of keeping our books in the bedroom, and leaving the drawing room book-free.

Once we’d packed up our individual apartments and got our 14 (!) boxes of books up to our second-floor walkup (thanks to the lovely folks at Movers not Shakers) we realised we’d need to change our plans.


So, we adopted the books-as-artefacts approach and kept all our books in the living room.

I wanted books to be organised by genre so they’re easy to find, to be relatively easy to access, and to be “airy”… so the room doesn’t feel like a library. I took inspiration from tonnes of posts on Apartment Therapy, which has to be one of my favourite home design websites. And from this rather useful post on combining bookshelves.

Once we split the books up by genre – as we defined it – and picked out what we’d like to incorporate within the shelves, it all came together quite quickly.. (sort of)

And… here is the end result!


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