Once Again to Zelda by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Just finished reading this rather cute collection, which traces the stories behind some of the dedications in books. As the author says, some of these back stories are as, if not more, interesting than the works themselves.

It tells tales of love, intrigue, lust, failure, heartbreak and the search for companionship. A dedication is akin to a mini-autobiography of the author, laying bare some deep feeling although often in cryptic form.

It’s a large-ish volume, and probably lends itself to dipping into once in a while, rather than reading cover to cover as I did. After a point, I was OD’d on the heartbreaking tragedies – for after all writers who do not possess copious amounts of angst, usually do not write.

Would recommend it to lovers of books, with the caveat that reading it in one sitting might end up depressing you!

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