Lisboa : The sun is shining and the weather is sweet

Our short sojourn in Lisbon was sandwiched between two hectic sightseeing trips, to Istanbul and the south of Spain. Which was perfect, since in Lisbon there isn’t all that much to do in terms of sightseeing, but enough to keep you busy eating, drinking and making merry.

The Monuments & Street Life | The Gulbenkian Collection | Eating our way through Lisbon

On our first day we trekked down to Belém to see the Monastery of the Jeronimos and the Monument to the Discoveries, as well as the Berardo Museum — all highly recommended in the guidebooks.

Can I just admit that all were quite underwhelming? Especially as we got to see the rest of what Lisbon had to offer in the following days, outside of the top-ten-Must-See lists.

One of my favourite museums is the Gulbenkian Museum, which is a beautifully curated private collection, which includes ancient Eastern and Western art.

The Museum itself is housed in its own private campus, with meditative gardens, and a collection of very compelling austere modern buildings from the 1960’s.

And finally, the food. My favourite meal in Lisbon, indeed, the favourite meal of the entire trip, was at 100 Maneiras (“a hundred ways”). The food is innovative — with requisite bits of molecular gastronomy thrown in — while also remaining Portugese. More importantly, it’s delicious, and, by London standards at least, fairly reasonably priced.

We also did a small food-tasting + walking tour of Lisbon, which was intimate and lovely. Our guide, Inês, was a source of excellent recommendations and lots of fun trivia (not factoids, as I recently learnt). We also, obviously, ate a fair bit as well.

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