Favourites List : July 10th Edition

I’ve been travelling for a few weeks now, across Europe with my sister, and then to the Mid-West for a cousin’s wedding. There’s also some big, and not-so-big, changes afoot starting with a redesign of the blog, and a new url. I’ve moved everything (hopefully) over to suze.is/here. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, belatedly, here are some bits & bobs I came across recently.

On the invention of stress : Did you know that much of the original research on stress–as a physiological phenomenon shortening lives–was funded by the tobacco industry to create a better scapegoat for smokers’ ailments?

IKEA is opening its first high-street store near Hamburg. Yes, I’m a grown-up now, and I should stop buying Swedish flat-packed furniture, but I love the clean lines of IKEA and the sheer usefulness of its knick-knacks.

Speaking of reasons to visit Germany, check out this amazing robotic parking attendant in Düsseldorf airport.

This automatic roti-maker looks awesome, if only it didn’t take up so much counterspace (and wasn’t so expensive!).

This interview with Mila Kunis has to be one of the most awkward celebrity interviews ever. I love how both Ms Kunis and Chris Stark (the bumbling rookie BBC reporter) play along to create an epic interaction.

This guy is making a model Air India Boeing 777 entirely from manila folders. He’s been at it since 2008, and the photos are mesmerising! (As an aside, given the mismanagement and massive losses at Air India I wonder if the flag carrier will still be around when he finally finishes it.)

Don’t text while driving. I’m sure we’ll see more of this sort of ad, that uses multiple media channels to reach consumers.

The Favourites List is a somewhat irregular (usually weekly) roundup of things I’ve enjoyed reading. Expect some fiction, long-form writing, travel, food, technology. I usually link to free content, but occasionally to items behind a paywall (because I think paying for quality content is awesome!).

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