Favourites list : First-class seats & Masala Dosa

I enjoyed this article on how the king of masala dosas got away with murder. I haven’t actually eaten at a Saravana Bhavan in a long, long time though. The food isn’t really all that great, and every city I’ve been in has far better options for authentic South Indian cooking. (In central London, Chettinad + our new local, Vijay’s). Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how an organisation can maintain its corporate culture as it scales up – apt for a case study, perhaps?

Sleeping bed on EtihadA fascinating look at how premium class seats get designed, in the New Yorker. Also, as we slowly clutch our hand baggage, and make our way to the back of the plane, it’s nice to know that soon, somewhere in the sky, this will exist.

Speaking of those with more money than sense, a Qatari man just spent c US$4m on a license plate! Via Marginal Revolution.

This article on how to put your envy to good use might well come in handy now.

Other bits & bobs

Jeffrey Toobin’s piece on Baltimore prisons reminded me of the Wire! [subscription needed]

An interesting look at how the modern art market works (sort of) – apparently it puts high-frequency trading to shame in its opacity and complexity.

Watch: the amazing symmetry of Wes Anderson. Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon singing Talk Dirty 2 Me, acapella.

Not on the App StoreI love this idea (via Khoi Vinh).

We live in a media environment made for bingeing. More than the 30-40 episodes of TV shows on my Sky box, it’s the sheer amount of reading material I accumulate that bothers me. I save articles on Pocket, hoping that I’ll read them on my commute. Perhaps inevitably, the inflow of potentially interesting articles is far higher than I can keep up with, so my reading list grows, and grows. As I was writing this, I took a look at my Pocket queue, and there’s 60 articles on there, weighing me down with guilt!

On that note, I give you this reminder of everything that you are missing out on while staring at the screen. And yes, before you ask, I am indeed aware of the irony of sharing this by typing into a screen, waiting for you to read it on another.

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